What are Health Sharing Ministries and Plans?

What are Health Sharing Ministries and Plans?

Health sharing ministries have the major requirement for its members to have an identical belief. An individual without proof of having such a belief there is no chance of an individual being enrolled into a healthcare sharing ministry. Healthcare sharing ministries help prevent the incidence of unexpected huge medical fees and have some notable benefits. You must note that healthcare sharing ministries are not discounts to your health insurance program, and are also dissimilar to a normal healthcare plan. The healthcare sharing ministry is an alternative which gives you the advantage of sharing the cost of premiums with other people in your plan. The medical cost sharing ministries are a group of individuals that are in agreement to pay for the medical expenses of one another.

There are currently four main healthcare sharing ministries in the US that offer medical cost-sharing aid to its members. These companies are;

Christian Healthcare Ministries:

The Christian Healthcare Ministries is a medical cost-sharing facility where Christians split the medical bill payments of a member among themselves. The healthcare sharing ministry is available in the US and worldwide in the event any member of the plan travels out of the US or is now resident abroad. There are three plans the Christian Healthcare Ministry offers and these are the Gold program, the Silver program and the Bronze program. These programs have different monthly payments per contributor; they also have different limits in the Brother’s Keeper payment in case the contributor gets sick.

Liberty HealthShare:

The Liberty HealthShare ministry is also available in all US states. The ministry has three plans known as the Liberty Complete, the Liberty Share and the Liberty Single.

Samaritan Ministries:

The Samaritan Ministries is also a well-known healthcare sharing ministry in the US. They have a strong Web presence and also boast some of the best cost-sharing plans in the country. This ministry is also available in some countries outside the US. There are plans under the Samaritan Ministries plan. These are the Samaritan Basic and the Samaritan Classic plans. The plans also have a lot of benefits and provide massive healthcare cost coverage.


Medi-Share is a ministry that has some of the best cost-sharing plans. These plans base their cost-sharing policy on some certain parameters. Once these requirements (age of the registrant(s), household, the program chosen, completed annual payment), there is an instant cover for members of the family with a one-time payment.

Advantages of Medical Cost-Sharing Plans

  • You can get medical care from any healthcare provider you desire.
  • The health sharing plan also provides the benefit where an individual pays in person, but later receives the premium through a refund.
  • Some of these plans can cover all your medical expenses
  • There are plans where you have unlimited access to funds for healthcare


Healthcare sharing ministries and their respective plans have a lot of benefits. But remember, before you can be enrolled you have to demonstrate a belief the ministry holds dear or you won’t be covered by the cost-sharing formula of the ministry.