Small Group Health Insurance Broker in Los Angeles California

Why Use a Small Group Health Insurance Broker

A health insurance broker has all the knowledge and expertise to handle the healthcare requirements of small groups wishing to get a plan suitable for their employees. An insurance broker sells insurance plans that are selected by the small business owner, and the plan they qualify for. A health insurance broker helps you to gain knowledge of the requirements of the business by law that is needed to setup a small group health insurance plan. The health insurance broker also critically takes a look at the available small group healthcare plans in Los Angeles, CA that will suit your needs. The insurance broker is also saddled with the responsibility of giving your employees an understanding of the benefits inherent in the plan and registers the employees for the plan.  The insurance broker also helps you to select the best plan for the small business. Another benefit that stems from making use of a health insurance broker is that there is no need for additional fees. The state of California prohibits any extra charges coming from making use of an insurance broker in selecting your plan. This is because the insurance brokers already have an agreement with the insurance companies, and they receive some periodical payments from them.

Personalized Service for Small Group Clients in the Los Angeles Area

In the city of Los Angeles, has all the expertise and manpower to deliver the best insurance brokerage. The residents of the Los Angeles area can testify to the quality services we offer to our clients. We are here to meet all needs of small businesses concerning small group health insurance plans. When you engage our services you get the following:

Seamless support services: We know how much you need all your questions answered. This is why we have a dedicated service to meet your every need the moment you contact us. We can help you get the information concerning employee enrollment and addition of dependents to their plans, claims and any other information you may need concerning your small group plan. You do not have to call in at the insurance company directly; you can get the help you need directly from our desk.  

One-on-one services: We have the experts that can be sent over to solve any issue you may need concerning the small group plans. We can come over to your place of business and provide you the necessary information that you need to understand. We can also provide advice through our representatives on the best small group health insurance plan your employees need.

Implementation of the insurance plan: We’ll be delighted to send our experts over to your business premises to deliver valuable information to your employees. We can get the employees more comfortable with the healthcare plan through the responses we’ll give to their questions.


The small group health insurance broker in California is needed for your small business. The services we deliver are second to none. Contact us today. Our customer service representatives are waiting to hear from you. We place much emphasis on the benefits you and your employees stand to gain, and work to make sure that you get the services you need for your small business.