Short-Term Health Insurance California

What Is Immediate Short-Term Health Insurance?

Immediate short term insurance is an insurance plan which is activated in the shortest possible period. This plan can only be used for a short while and is needed when the insurance plan you are already on expires. It is also a plan that is suitable for individuals that have recently changed their jobs and lost the cover the job provides. It is also good for getting cover when an individual cannot afford a long term medical plan.

What Do Short-Term Plans Cover in California?

Short term plans cover the basic healthcare services an individual may have immediate need for.  However, before you get to see what the short-term plans cover, you have to know that there are no provisions for pre-existing conditions. These are some of the services that are available under the short term health insurance plans:

  • Doctor visits
  • Treatment for illness and injury
  • Preventative care
  • Emergency and ambulance services

Do I Qualify for Immediate Short-Term Health Insurance?

The only way a person can qualify for an immediate short-term insurance plan is if the individual has no long term cover in effect. There are also some cases where an individual can become eligible for an immediate short-term health insurance plan.

  • If someone is a new employee and hasn’t been able to register for the company’s long term health insurance plan
  • If an individual misses the enrollment period of your employer and need health insurance coverage while waiting for the enrollment window to open again
  • If an individual fails to register for the Open Enrollment window and didn’t qualify for special enrollment at the time
  • If someone is under 65 and ready to enroll for Medicare
  • If you applied for the Covered California program and waiting for your coverage to take effect

How Can I Get Health Insurance?

There are insurance companies that provide immediate short-term health insurance. The enrolment process is very fast and the short-term plan can be active within 24 hours.


The short-term health insurance plan is a cover that ensures you have some form of basic coverage before you get your desired plan, or if you cannot afford a plan at the moment. Enrol for a short-term plan today and start enjoying the benefits.