College Health Insurance Plans in California

What is College Health Insurance?

College health insurance is an insurance cover specially made for the welfare of students. These insurance plans are available in the various colleges and universities in the state of California. This plan is not to be confused with the group plans universities and colleges offer their employees in the state. The student health plan is regarded as a minimum essential coverage plan. This makes it easier for students to have access to the basic medical facilities and a lot more with lesser premium payments in the state. There are ten benefits in the college health insurance plan for students. Some of these benefits are listed below;

  • Oral and vision healthcare
  • Behavioral health treatment
  • Access to prescription drugs
  • Hospitalization
  • Ambulatory services, among others

There are two types of college health insurance plans, and these are the fully insured and the self-insured plan. The fully-insured plan is the college health insurance plan purchased from the student’s college or university while the self-insured plan is a plan purchased outside the school authority’s insurance packages. 

How it works?

The college health insurance plan works through the allocation of the basic insurance services available through the institution and directly to the students. The fully-insured plan is the most common plan for students. There are benefits that are attached to the student plan such as the ease of getting an extended healthcare service from your family healthcare plan if any health institution under your family’s plan is within the school’s area. There is also the benefit of being able to get different policies for a particular health plan.

Another way the college health plans help students is the flexibility it gives them to easily join the Coverage California program. They can also get coverage from other low-cost medical care programs depending on their financial status. If students are above 30 years, they also have the opportunity to purchase minimum coverage plans under Coverage California.

Long Term policy

The long term student plan provides coverage for students at a long period until they turn 65. This plan can also be tailored for periodical renewals till the beneficiary clocks 65 or selects another insurance plan. Long term student coverage has a benefit which makes it appropriate for people with pre-existing conditions. Also, the plan has a provision catering for preventative issues concerning the health of the student beneficiary. There are also other long term benefits associated with the long term student policy such as better premium rates, and coverage for a great percentage of the student’s medical costs.

Short Term policy

The short term student insurance policy is a much easier plan to enrol for and is very malleable. However, the health coverage is slated to expire after a short period of time. There are insurance companies that offer monthly student health insurance plans, commonly called the month-to-month insurance plans. The use of a short term insurance policy should be thought through very well. If in the event of an ailment outside the period the plan covers, the student may have to pay a high amount, if not all of the bill to access medical care. Also, the short term condition does not have any coverage for maternity or preventative issues. Pre-existing conditions are also not covered on this plan.


The college health insurance plan for students has a lot of inherent benefits for its beneficiaries. Due to its flexibility, students can opt for a longer or shorter health insurance plan depending on their needs or financial status. Students can also be covered for a whole year regardless if they are in school or not. Depending on the plan you select, and the area the plan covers, you can also get your plan transferred with you if you get a transfer to another school.