California Health Savings Accounts

What is HSA insurance?

A health savings account (HSA) is a savings account that is favoured by tax which is used together with a deductible health insurance plan. The HSA is designed to provide more affordable healthcare and to engender good savings for retirement. Residents in the state of California can pay for medical treatment before tax and also save for a retirement plan.

It is possible for employers to make use of the HSA as a way to cut down costs on the healthcare insurance.

Why does the State Congress not support HSA insurance?

The state congress does not support the HSA because the provisions do not tally with the state laws. The state tax returns begin with the federal adjusted gross income; commonly called the AGI and need a few changes to be aligned with the differences between federal and state laws. Current laws in the state make it compulsory for the following changes to be adhered to.

There is a requirement that a taxable individual is mandated to increase his/her federal return by the value of the deduction at the national level to the state tax return.
There is also the requirement that interest earned on the HSA must be included to the AGI on the state tax return.

The final change needed for eligibility for an HSA is that contributions made by an employer to an employee’s account is not exempt from the taxable income and is to be added to the AGI on the employee’s state return. The state laws still do not give any room for rolling over plans, for instance from a Medical Savings Account to an HSA.

These requirements were set by the state legislature. There are a lot of bottlenecks that have to be passed through for the HSA to be used in the state of California.  

Advantages of a Health Savings Account

There is a great possibility for an individual to save while making use of the HSA. There is the advantage of possible full deductions of your periodical contributions to your HSA account before the tax is deducted.

The HSA also provides the opportunity for an individual’s account to continue accruing interest while still remaining free from taxes.
There is also no penalty when you make use of the HSA to pay for extra medical expenses. Possessing a HSA plan gives the benefit of getting lower premiums while still being enrolled in a high-deductible HSA-compliant plan.

HSA Compatible California Health Insurance Plans

HSA compatible insurance plans are very much available in the state of California. The HSA plan is compatible for individual and family health plans. There are differences in the payments that can be made from the HSA for medical care. There are also different payments for the amount an individual can use for out-of-pocket spending for an HSA with high deductible insurance plans (HDIP).

The values vary due to inflation and some other factors. But the average payment for the maximum annual HSA for an individual plan holder is about three thousand dollars.

Also, for the family coverage the annual maximum contribution into the HSA is about six thousand dollars. Also, for individuals from fifty-five years or older have the maximum contribution of a thousand dollars

The out-of-pocket spending cost for an individual health insurance plan with HDIP is about six thousand dollars, while the amount for family coverage is about twelve thousand dollars.


The Health Savings Account is an account that comes with a lot of benefits for the account holder. Sadly, there are currently some restrictive legislatures that make it difficult for individuals to hold and operate an HSA in the state of California.